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The Problems when you import videos to Adobe Premiere Pro

We have covered everything you need to know to set up your Adobe Premiere Pro project, files and drives. In this article, we have also covered some of the most popular codecs and how to import them. It all sounds too easy, but it isn’t.
What could possibly go wrong?
A few common errors when importing
Importing Errors are common. Don’t panic. The manual gives you clear instructions on how to deal with common problems. Here are some common errors and what they could mean:
The importer reported a generic error
This is one error that stems from programming laziness. It’s either that, or its willful obfuscation. Either way, it doesn’t tell you what the problem is.
The file has no video or audio streams
This happens when Adobe Premiere Pro recognizes the file type but cannot make sense of the data inside.
Codec not found errors – various types
This one’s pretty easy. You don’t have the codec installed on your computer. Some codecs don’t ship with Adobe Premiere Pro, and you’ll need to install them manually.
Troubleshooting Importing Errors
When faced with the above errors, try the following:

  • Are you on a trial version? The trial version does not have all codecs installed. You only get them once you’ve activated with a fully paid version.
  • Have you activated your product successfully? Without a full and valid activation, some codecs might not work correctly. In Adobe’s words: Sometimes, codecs aren’t available because the software can’t communicate to the activation server.
  • Is Quicktime installed (for any codec in a .MOV container)?
  • Have you installed and activated the necessary codec packs or plug-ins correctly?
  • Have you copied ALL the files from the media card/drive to your source footage drive? This is the most likely reason for the second error above.
  • Can you playback your files correctly with another NLE or player?
  • Are you sure your codec is supported by Adobe?
  • Are your files copied from a Mac-formatted (or PC, the other way around) drive?
  • Are your folders encrypted (in green in Windows) or Zipped or Compressed?
  • Do you have the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro? If not, update.
  • Delete the Media Cache. You’ll find it here:
    File (or Premiere Pro) > Preferences > MediaIf none of these solve your problem, then try what Adobe recommends in their ‘Presets Missing’ Document:Solution 1: Make sure that Adobe Premiere Pro is activated.
    Restart Adobe Premiere Pro while computer is online.
    Complete the activation process.
    Close and restart Adobe Premiere Pro when activation is complete.
    Solution 2: Uninstall and reinstall Adobe Premiere Pro.
    Uninstall Adobe Premiere Pro or the Creative Suite.
    Run the cleanup script found here:
    Reinstall Adobe Premiere Pro or the Creative Suite.
    Launch Adobe Premiere Pro.
    When prompted for activation during launch, ensure that the computer is online and complete activation.
    If the computer cannot be brought online, complete the offline activation during the first launch of the software. Do not choose to activate later.
    After Activation, close and restart Adobe Premiere Pro.
    Step 3: If these steps do not resolve the issue, submit a detailed bug report to

    There you have it. We’re done. By now you should have a clear idea of how to import video into Adobe Premiere Pro.  You also can search article about how to import you mxf video to Adobe Premiere in this web. A word about frustration: Even after you’ve tried and tested everything, sometimes things don’t work the way they’re meant to. Such is life. When you’re faced with seemingly insurmountable import errors, try transcoding to another format and re-import. (MXF Video Converter & MXF Video Converter for Mac are your best choice) .Don’t let bugs ruin your day.

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