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How to Convert MXF files to Apple ProRes MOV on macOS High Sierra?

Apple anncounced that it added MXF playback to the latest macOS Sierra which means that users can preview MXF files in the finder window directly! This is a big deal and very welcome, finally you don’t need special software to play back files wrapped in one of the most commonly used professional media wrappers. However, …Continue reading

How to encode 4K MXF videos to 1080p ProRes MOV for Final Cut Pro?

I shot 4 TB of footage on a Sony PXW-z150 4K XDCAM camcorder mostly in 4k, and I am combining multiple clips in FCPx 10.3.1. The native mxf files are too large for import to FCP. Therefore, I am looking for a simple way to downscale 4K MXF videos to 1080p ProRes for FCP. After …Continue reading

Best MXF Converter for Final Cut Pro 7 – How to import MXF files to Apple ProRes MOV ?

If you are having issues editing MXF files in Final Cut Pro 7, you may need to convert them first. This post guides you through how to transcode MXF clips to FCP 7 preferred ProRes codec via using a helpful MXF Converter for Final Cut Pro 7. FCP 7 was discontinued several years ago…and many …Continue reading

How to transcode MXF file to Apple ProRes 422 HQ/Proxy/LT MOV for editing?

MXF is a popular format which is becoming worldwide file format as the development of various camcorders such as Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM and Canon XF300/XF305 etc. If you are the user of these camcorders, then you should find the recorded footages are in .mxf format. However using MXF footage on Mac is a major …Continue reading

Convert/Import MXF from P2 cards to Apple ProRes MOV for Final Cut Pro X Editing

Camcorders use SD card to store footages. That’s totally because the tinny stuff could store great mount of information. Generally speaking, CF cards are more popular in family camcorders and Panasonic P2 cards are now used widely by most professional video-makers. P2 cards stores footages in MXF format, which is the main video format in …Continue reading

Edit Problem: Importing Panasonic HVX 200 P2 MXF Footage for FCP X

Panasonic P2 MXF question is an old topic and there are a lot of FAQs about it. However, we may still have problems with P2 MXF format, for example, to edit P2 MXF in Final Cut Pro. I have failed to import my HVX 200 MXF footage into FCP X, my iMac gave me a …Continue reading

Encoding Sony/Canon/Panasonic MXF to Apple ProRes 422 MOV codec on Mac

“How to convert Sony MXF to Apple ProRes 422 codec for final cut pro X editing? I have a Sony XDCAM camcorder which records videos in .mxf video format, I want to import Sony MXF files to final cut pro X and edit natively, but MXF format is not supported by final cut pro. From …Continue reading

Directly import Panasonic HPX’s P2 MXF media to Final Cut Pro with ProRes MOV

Currently, there’re two basic MXF types: one is those where the essence (media) is stored in the same file as the metadata that refers to it. The other is that where the essence is stored in separate files to the metadata, while these files have External essence. Take the below two cams for examples: Let’s …Continue reading