Convert Canon Sony and Panasonic MXF to Eidting Software


Handbrake does not see MXF file format ? -How to convert MXF for editing?

MXF, which is a high-definition MPEG Transport Steam video format that commonly used by Sony, Panasonic, and Canon XF HD camcorders.But this doesn’t mean you can’t convert mxf video any more. Anyone else using Handbrake to encode from an MXF file? When I use Handbrake to convert mxf files to mp4/mov, I found Handbrake does …Continue reading

Handbrake vs Video Converter – Transcode MXF to MOV with best sync video/audio

When import .mxf to Handbrake for converting to mov, the output video no audio. And I google find MXF will output your audio in two mono channels instead of a single stereo channel. Handbrake does not handle the two mono channels. So I f found a good Handbrake for Mac alternative like MXF Converter for …Continue reading

How to Convert Sony XDCAM MXF with best intermediate format for HandBrake on Mac?

Sony MXF (.mxf) and XDCAM EX (.mp4) are very interesting because they don’t need recompression when there are no transitions/effects applied to the video so they are very fast to render. And both are compatible with Handbrake.But to my eye, these formats look exactly the same. But this doesn’t mean you can’t convert mxf video …Continue reading