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Have you encountered problems with MXF video files? MXF videos are often recorded by high-end camcorders like Canon XF series, and C300 camcorder, Sony XDCAM series and Panasonic P2 series, this format can also be recorded by professional recording devices like Blackmagic.

To many people, MXF format is a special video format and not used often, so many users have got problems when they want to use MXF files according to their need, such as use MXF with iTunes, you will get problems because MXF format is not supported by iTunes on Mac and Windows.
Now in this article I will share a great tool to help you to convert MXF video format files to iTunes or other formats on Mac and Windows, hope it can help you to solve the problems.
To convert MXF video format files to iTunes, software you need: MXF Video Converter for Mac or Windows
This is a top MXF to iTunes converter, it will help you to convert all kinds of MXF files to iTunes best compatible format, besides, it has many formats for you to choose, they have been optimized, so you just select as you want.
How to convert MXF video format files to iTunes via this best MXF to iTunes converter?
Step-by-step guide: Convert MXF to iTunes
1. First you need to download MXF Video Converter for Mac or Windows to your computer, install and launch it, you will see the brief interface of this MXF to iTunes converter.

2. Load your MXF video files to the software, no matter they are recorded by Canon, Sony, Panasonic or Blackmagic devices, they are perfectly supported.

3. After loaded the MXF files, click format column to choose output format, QuickTime MOV is the best compatible format for iTunes, so you can select it. If you need to transcode MXF to other formats, just choose as you want.

4. Customization is available in the MXF to iTunes converter, you can customize the output resolution, bitrate, frame rate or other parameters.

5. Click convert button to start converting MXF to iTunes supported format.
The conversion process will begin immediately, when the MXF to iTunes converter finished the conversion, you can use converted videos with iTunes, or you can play or edit the footages as you want. Now you have got the way to convert MXF video format files to iTunes, just take a free try now, hope this tool can help you.


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