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No Audio When Importing MXF to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 – Transcode MXF Video

Last month i’ve bought a new computer, Adobe CS6 Package and a new camera the Panasonic HC-V160. After making my first video i discovered i am unable to import the video (the entire structure) into my project. I’ve tried almost twenty solutions what can be found on the internet, but the problem remains. That’s i’ve opened this topic. The only way to make this work is to use Total Video Converter and convert this into MOV file. But i loose video quality and this is not what i want! I hope someone comes to the rescue. Thanks in advance.

Two Symptoms when importing mxf with no audio
1. No audio track appears when placing the audio on the timeline
2. There is an audio track but no audio is heard during playback of entire clip

Solution for Symptom 1: The most common reason for this symptom is that the footage was not imported properly. And the proper way to import mxf footage are as below:
mxf footage comes in a complex file structure that contains much more information than is typically found in video clips.
You can work on footage while it’s on the storage card. But if there is any difficulty, the first thing to do is to copy the footage onto a hard disk. Be sure to copy the entire file structure of the card instead of just the clips.
Always use the Media Browser in Adobe Premiere Pro, or use Prelude, to import the footage.

There can also be a conflicting codec installed on the system. Be sure to uninstall any third-party codecs.

Solution for Symptom 2: This symptom is another instance where importing the file properly is the best step. See Proper way to import footage stated above.
Double-check the Audio Mixer to make sure the Audio Track you are working with is not muted or turned low enough to prevent audio playback.

Also, create a copy of Bars and Tones to place on the timeline. This step provides a tone to determine whether your audio hardware is set up properly.

If you have properly imported the mxf footage and there are also no problem with your audio hardware settings. Then the no audio issue can be caused due to a conflicting codec installed on your system stated above.
Transcode incompatible codec in mxf for Premiere Pro CS6

The best way to fix this problem is transcoding the incompatible codec in mxf to Premiere Pro CS6 supported formats.

It won’t be difficult for you to convert mxf to the compatible video and audio formats listed above. However, if you are unfamiliar about how to set the best editing profile parameters such as video/audio codec, frame rate, bitrate, resolution, etc by your own, a more beneficial and better reviewed application called MXF Video Converter for Mac (support Mac OS X El Capitan), which enables you to directly transcode mxf to Premiere Pro CS6 preset file formats with the optimal profile settings.
Besides mxf, the program also facilitates you to make a fast and fluid post-production workflow of other video footage source such as iPhone MP4 files, XAVC S, MXF files, H.265 files, etc to Preremiere Pro CS6.

Tips: If you are performing the conversion on Windows computer, please download MXF Video Converter to complete the same conversion as below.
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How to Transcode mxf with Incompatible Codec to Premiere Pro CS6 Preset Formats?

Step 1: Add mxf files to the mxf video converter.
Launch the mxf video converter on your computer, click the”Add video” or”Add folder” icon on the main interface to add mxf files to the program.
import mxf to adobe premiere
Step 2: Output Premiere Pro preset profile format.
From”Format” bar drop-down list, select Premiere Pro CS6 preset profile format from”Adobe Premiere/Sony V…” >”MPEG-2(*.mpg)”.
convert mxf to mpg
Step 3: Merge into one file.
When the footage are loaded into the program, you can use the up and down arrow to rearrange them into the correct order, then check”merge” to join all the separate video files into one.

Step 4: Begin the conversion.
Hit right-bottom”Convert” button to begin the conversion from mxf to Premiere Pro CS6 optimal file formats.

When the conversion is completed, you will have no problems to import convert files to Premiere Pro CS6 for professional post production workflow.
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