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How to playback Canon XF105 1080/50mbps MXF Files in Quicktime on Mac ?

Canon XF105 is one of the most popular HD professional Camcorder from Canon; The XF105 supports the highest HD quality with Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, up to a 50Mbps bit rate and 4:2:2 color sampling. Footages shoot by Canon XF105 is encoded in Canon XF codec with extension of MXF, which is MPEG-2 oriented.

You may want to share the footages with your family for playing back; but the camcorder itself is not a good choice for that the screenshot is not big enough, while playing Canon XF105 MXF on Mac maybe much more convenient. Here comes the problem: how can we playback Canon XF105 MXF in Quicktime on Mac?
Follow this guide you will find the reliable work flow to convert Canon XF105 MXF to Quicktime MOV on Mac Mountain Lion/Mavericks.
1. Download a free copy of this Canon MXF Converter for Mac, get it installed; connect your Canon XF105 to mac and keep it on. Click the top left two icon to load individual mxf files or the entire folder.

2. Choose best video format for outputting quicktime MOV on Mac.
Click the drop-down list marked as 2, choose Common Video>MOV-QuickTime(*.mp4)

Click Settings to choose output video codec, size, frame rate, bit rate all according to your needs.
(Optional) – Click “Settings” to choose output video codec, size, frame rate, bit rate all according to your needs.
Note: If you wanna add external subtitles(like *.srt, *.ass and *.ssa) in video, only click “Edit”, choose “Subtitle” > “Enable”, you need download a subtitle file, then click “Browse” to load it.

3. You can choose to edit the video, such as trim, crop, add 3D effect and so on; just click the pencil-like icon on the top.
4. Click the red circle to start converting Canon XF105 to Quicktime MOV for watching on Mac.
Wait for moments, you can click the Open icon to locate the converted video.

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