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How to Import/Load Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF to Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

Summary: This article is about how to solve the problem with loading Sony PXW-X400 MXF to Premiere Pro CC. If you meet the similar problem, please take few minutes to get some free useful tips.

Many Sony PXW-X400 users said the clips of XAVC L MXF footage are all messed up when they try to editing these files in Premiere Pro CC on Mac. Something like this.

The reason why all the MXF clips are messed up is not only one. There are many possibilities could cause that problem. Maybe the MXF file were broken after you transfer them to your Mac, maybe you didn’t copy Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF cards with copying the entire contents folder, or maybe you didn’t use the media browser within Premiere Pro CC to import your MXF clips. Here I offer some right steps to help you load and edit Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF files to Premiere Pro CC.
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Step 1. Clean Your Mac Cache
Use the CleanMyMac App to clean all the cache in your Mac computer.

Step 2. Copy the entire contents folder.
To prevent longer clips being broken down into their individual files as a 30 minute piece of footage will actually be made up of 3 or 4 individual files on the MXF card, please copy Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF cards with copying the entire contents folder.

Step 3. Use the media browser within Premiere
Using the media browser within Premiere Pro CC to load Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF files, you can see all the MXF clips on the card without you having to open all the individual folders that have been created for each of the clips and any longer clips are joined up.

If the problem still existed, it’s possible that Premiere Pro CC is not compatible with the specs of the XAVC L MXF footage. I recommend MXF Video Converter for Mac to assist you to transcode Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF to MPEG-2 which is the most suitable format for Premiere Pro CC. Besides, this App supports for doing some editing work with MXF files. In addition, the most amazing feature about this App is that it supports 8 multi-track output formats, Multi-track MKV, Multi-track MP4, and Multi-track MOV and 5 multi-track MOV output formats with Apple Prores codecs for FCP. The Apple prores codec output is only available in Mac version, not for Windows version.
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How to Load Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF to Premiere Pro CC successfully.

Step 1. Load MXF files to MXF Video Converter for Mac.
First, connect Sony PXW-X400 to Mac via USB cable, transfer XAVC L MXF to your Mac computer with the complete structure.
Click “Add Video” or “Add from folder” button to choose the MXF files
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Step 2. Choose the preset output format.
There is a Premiere Pro CC output profile prepared for you. Just click the format bar and follow “Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas” > “MPEG-2 (*.mpg)”.
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Step 3. Start converting MXF files.
After the setting is done, click the “Convert” button in the main UI to start converting MXF files to MPEG-2. Then you can load Sony PXW-X400 XAVC L MXF to Premiere Pro CC with no problem. Enjoy!
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