Convert Canon Sony and Panasonic MXF to Eidting Software

How to Edit Panasonic DVCPRO HD P2 cards MXF for iMovie 8, iMovie 9, iMovie 11 with 30 Seconds?

Summary: Get the solution of editing Panasonic DVCPRO HD P2 cards MXF in iMovie 8/9/11 with 30 seconds from this article.

P2 card: A solid-state memory card for recording DV, DVCPRO, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO HD, and AVC-Intra media within MXF container files. The P2 DVCPro HD format offers users cost-effective, proven intra-frame compression, where each frame stands on its own for editing, and its full 4:2:2 color sampling allows the image to hold up under color correction.

Panasonic P2 DVCPro HD camcorder lists:

P2 HD Solid-State camcorders: AG-HPX170, AG-HPX250, AG-HPX370, AG-HPX500, AG-HPX600, AG-HPX600, AJ-HPX2000, AJ-HPX3100
P2HD VariCam Cinematography Camcorders: AJ-HPX2700, AJ-HPX3700.

You may come across the problem of how to import MXF to Mac and edit Panasonic P2 MXF in iMovie8/9/11. To edit MXF in iMovie 8/9/11, the best workflow is to convert MXF to Apple Intermediate Codec which iMovie prefers to work with.

In order to get the best way toedit P2 DVCPRO HD MXF videos on Mac, I find MXF Converter for Mac help making the editing easy and smooth. The best format for importing into iMovie is Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC), so you need to wrap P2 DVCPRO HD MXF footage to AIC for iMovie with MXF Video Converter for Mac. Follow the guide to easily edit P2 DVCPRO HD MXF videos in iMovie 8/9/11.

Godasoft Video Converter for Mac: An all-in-one program integrating conversion and editing 4K videos, 1080p/720p MKV, MXF, M2TS, etc. on Mac OS X El Capitan. It is designed for converting HD videos from HD camcorders or DVs (like JVC, Panasonic, Sony and Cannon), non-protected HD or movies, DVR files (*.tivo) to other file types for playback on popular media devices like Apple TV, PS3, Xobx, Xobx360, WD TV HD Player.

How to Convert P2 MXF to AIC for iMovie?

Free download this MXF Video Converter; it works well with P2 MXF files and will keep all the audio channels exactly as how you recorded it within 30 seconds.
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After installing, Click “add video” button to import the P2 mxf or Canon mxf files. Click “add from folder” button to add MXF folder.
import mxf to converter
2. Click Settings, you will find options for video size, bitrate, frame rate and others for outputting. Customize these figures as your needs.

You can also trim, crop, edit audio, add 3D effect by clicking the 3D icon on the top.
convert mxf to mov
3. Click the big Convert to start converting P2 MXF to AIC MOV for editing in iMovie. Wait for moments, click “Open output folder” to locate the converted video.

Now launch iMovie, click File>Import>Movies to import the converted video to iMovie on Mac.

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