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How to Edit Canon/Panasonic MXF files in Pinnacle Studio 17/16/15/14?

If you get the importing error message while importing MXF files to Pinnacle Studio 17/16/15/14, the MXF to Pinnacle Studio Converter will be the best solution for you.

“I’m using a canon XF305 and Pinnacle Studio 16 on a Mac Pro. I would like to know the best workflow so I can get mxf footage from the camera, into Pinnacle so I can start editing.
My attempts so far: Importing the MXF file directly into Pinnacle Studio
Result: It shows import failed at last. Then I changed the formats and try one more time, although, when dropping the clip onto the timeline, only the audio appears. Again, the audio and video appear on the time line, but the audio is shorter than the video and skips and jumps.”

Pinnacle Studio is a non-linear video editing software application manufactured by Pinnacle Systems, a division of Avid Technology. It is the consumer-level counterpart to Pinnacle’s former professional-level software. Although, it claims that Pinnacle Studio is compatible with the MXF/P2 MXF files, a compressed output format is still not an ideal editing format. To get Pinnacle Studio working beautifully with MXF files, the easy workaround is to transcode the MXF to a format that Pinnacle natively supports.

So, we need to find a converter to convert MXF to Pinnacle Studio editable formats. Fortunately, MXF to Pinnacle Studio Converter is the best conversion software for converting MXF to Pinnacle 17-16/15/14. It can help you to transcode MXF for Pinnacle Studio on Windows 10 easily and quickly. The MXF files will be converted with no problems. It can automatically load audio counterparts as soon as you import MXF video, which effectively avoid of audio missing and cuts-off after MXF to Pinnacle Studio conversion.
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Step 1: First connect your MXF camcorder to a PC and transfer mxf to mac hard drive. Then click “Add video” to import MXF files to this MXF to Pinnacle Studio Converter. You can click on the preview on the right.

Step 2. The native format of Pinnacle Studio is AVI. So you can choose “DivX HD(*.avi)” or “AVI HD Video(.avi)” as the best output from “Format> HD Video”.
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Step 3. To get the best video quality, you can click “settings” to select or edit the video soze, bitrate, fram rate, ect as you need.

Step 4. Click the “Convert” button to start converting MXF video to AVI.

Now you can easily and natively edit the converted MXF footages in Pinnacle Studio 17/16/15/14.

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