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How to Convert MXF Video With Original Video Audio Tracks On Windows/Mac?

Want to know how you can keep multiple audio channels when converting MXF to MP4/MKV/MOV format with lossless quality? This guide gives a simple way to convert multi-track MXF to MKV/MP4/MOV file for better playback and editing.

Many users get struck with the following issues and in many forum sites they discussed their problems like this:
“I have recorded some MXF files using a Panasonic AG-HVX201AE Camera. I want to extract small part of the clip to play with QuickTime Player, is there any easy solution to keep all my audio tracks also?”

“I have a Sony Z100 camcorder; I have recorded some commercial video with it for my studio. The recorded files are in .MXF video format and it has 8 audio streams, now I need to convert this MXF footage to Apple ProRes codec for FCP X with 8 audio tracks, I have tested some converters but they all can’t support MXF multi-track conversion, so can anyone suggest me a converter that can convert my MXF files with multi audio track streams?”

Like the above mentioned situation of user if you too are facing such issue then don’t worry because in this blog will give perfect solution to fix this issue. The question mentioned above is asked by professional camcorder user, who wants to convert their MXF video with Audio tracks.
What’s the issue and how can you solve it?
export mxf
Multi-track MXF footage is quiet common with camcorders like Canon, Sony, Panasonic and many other.

Usually these MXF contains TWO OR MORE audio tracks for better presentation of the video that you may like to record one audio track in mics which will give better audio effect mainly while you shoot videos in a noisy surrounding.

But it can trouble you when you try to convert the multi-track MXF footage to other format for easy editing/playback in NLE or other programs. If you too have high end camcorders like Canon/Panasonic/Sony then you are very well familiar with MXF video format. MXF is a video format used by many professional camcorders for recording HD video footages. After you have recorded some MXF videos, you will find that this format is not compatible with other software or devices, and most of the most of the video editing software. So, in order to work with other software and devices, you need to convert your MXF footage to other formats, such as DNxHD codec MOV format, H.264 MOV format, apple prores codec MOV format; while doing this, you also need to maintain the originality of audio tracks, so you will need a MXF multi-track converter, that can easily convert MXF videos along with that it should also multi audio streams. However, due to the Multi-track audio, you can’t be able to get the correct track or get all tracks converted.
How to Convert MXF video with original multiple audio tracks?

To do this successfully you need to use MXF video converter that is well suited to convert MXF to any other video and audio formats for further editing or playback with preserving all the multiple audio tracks of your original video footage. Beside of preserving multi-audio track, it is also capable of mixing several audios into a single track.
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With this converter, you can effortlessly transcode AVCHD to ProRes 444 for FCP, Apple ProRes 422, ProRes 422 HD, ProRes 422 LT, MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro, DNxHD .mov for Avid MC, etc., and it works well and converts flawlessly without any issue. This converter also helps to convert between any popular audio and video format as you like. Along with this it gives you the built-in video editing feature of the program like you can crop, trim, add watermark and can do many more things as well.
Steps to convert multi-audio channels MXF footage with original audio tracks preserved:

Step 1: Launch MXF Video Converter Tool
Download and install this MXF Video Converter and hit on quick launch button to start this application.

Step 2 : Add MXF video file to application
Click on “Add” button to add MXF video files to the converter.

Step 3 : Select the output format
Now select the output file format in which you want to convert mxf video. You can also select output file format such as MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV etc.

Step 4: Set the output setting
Now set the output video setting such as video contrast, brightness, color, saturation etc.

Step 5 : Edit the output video
You can edit the video with cut, crop, watermarks etc.

Step 6: Start Conversion
Now hit on conversion button to begin the conversion process.

After complete conversion to .MOV format you can get the converted videos and then import your footage to Final Cut Pro without any issue.
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