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Fix problem about iMovie not recognise .mxf files

Did you get this problem, you need to import MXF to iMovie for editing, but the iMovie doesn’t support MXF files directly, iMovie not recognise .mxf files. How to import MXF to iMovie for editing? The best way is to convert MXF to iMovie supported video format, the best video format for iMovie is Apple InterMediate Codec MOV format. This article will tell you how to convert recorded mxf to AIC MOV for iMovie easily for editing.

Follow the simple steps to solve this problem of iMovie not recognise mxf files on Mac.

Step 1: Download and Install MXF to iMove Converter for Mac.
Step 2: Run MXF to iMovie Converter and load MXF files to this convert software from HD MXF Camcorder or hard drive.
Step 3: Drop down format list to select iMovie and Final Cut Express >>Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov) as output format. iMovie supports this format best.

Step 4: Start conversion from MXF to AIC MOV for iMovie.
Wait a few minutes, you can get the AIC .mov. Then you can easily put them into iMovie for editing. The iMovie is recognise the converted mxf files and the files keep the native quailty.

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