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Want to convert MXF to MOV for uses? If so, this article is right for you. It introduces an easy and reliable way to you guys, so you can finish the job effortlessly and in very high video quality.

As we know, MXF is a video container format, mainly used in various digital camcorders like Canon XF300/XF305/XF100/XF105/C300/C500, Panasonic HVX200/HPX300/HPX500 P2 HD, Sony XDCAM, etc to store audio, video and programmed data. The main reason why users convert their MXF video footage files to MOV is to edit in some video editing programs or play them in some video players like QuickTime etc. Here, a smart MXF to MOV converter is recommended. With it, you can quickly get your ideal MOV files from your MXF files to fit the various MOV-compatible applications best.

By the way, if you just want to edit your MXF footage videos by converting to MOV format, this app can directly meet your need. It includes a built-in video editor, which you can use to cut off any clip you don’t want, crop the video screen to any area or focus on any screen area you want, merge several clips into one, and add various cool effect etc.
The tutorial will show you how to use this great MXF to MOV video converter to edit your video files and convert to MOV format for uses.


1. Add MXF videos to the MXF to MOV converter.
First, export your MXF files from your camcorder to PC. Then, either click “Add Files” icon to load the MXF videos you want or directly drag your MXF videos to the program window.  Now, you can see they’ll appear in the left item tray as thumbnails.
Note: If you want to join multiple MXF clips into a big file, at this time, you can directly finish this job in this app. re-arrange the imported videos according to the play order, and then check the box “Merge” option at the bottom.

2. Choose MOV as the output format
On the right side of the program window, there is an “Output Format” pane, where you need to click the format icon to open its output format window. An then in the pop-up output format window, select “Profile” category >”HD Video” subcategory and then select “MOV” as the output format. (Like: Apple ProRes MOV, AIC MOV, Quicktime MOV, H.264 MOV .etc)

Tips (Optional): Also, you can hit “Settings” option at the bottom of the “Output Format” pane to open setting window. Here, all parameters for audio and video can be re-set, including encoder, frame rate, resolution, bitrates, etc.

3. Customize your video files (Optional)
This Video Converter also provides video editing functions. Simply click the “Edit” in the menu bar to enter into its editing window. Trim feature can let you trim any clip you want. Crop feature helps you to remove black bars or fucous on the screen area you want. If you want to add some cool effects to enhance your videos, Effect feature can meet you. Also, you can adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, add watermark or subtile files.

4. Start MXF to MOV conversion
Click the “Convert” button to perform MXF to MOV conversion. A while later, this app will finish the job for you. Of course, you can simultaneously do other jobs without being disturbed by letting it run in the background.

After conversion, you can make full use of these converted video files now. Can’t find the output files? Just click the Open Folder button at the bottom of the program window.

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