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Best MXF to AVI Video Converter – Convert XDCAM MXF files to AVI

XDCAM is a series of products for digital recording which is used for random access solid-state memory media, introduced by Sony in 2003. Four different product lines – the XDCAM SD, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX and XDCAM HD422.

Audio Video Interleave known as AVI is a means of digitally storing audio and video media content in a file for a playback. The AVI formatted files employ the file extension .avi. The header portion of the AVI formatted file provides details about the content like height, weight and frame rate while the chunks of information store all the actual audio and video data. One of the advantages of AVI format is its ability to be played on the majority of computers worldwide.

MXF, short form for Material Exchange Format, is a container format similar to AVI used for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. MXF is fairly effective at the interchange of D10 (IMX) material and is used by more and more professional camcorders such as Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2 502, Panasonic P2 HD, Panasonic DVCPRO P2, Panasonic AVCCAM, HVX200, Canon XF300/XF305, and Sony PMW-EX1/EX3/800/VX10/350K etc. so that it can store video, audio, and programmed data.

MXF files can be opened and supported to edit by many professional video editing programs like Adobe after Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro via XDCAM Transfer, Avid and more. MXF files format is not compatible with lots of programs and due to this you may face problem to edit, play or use this format like Sony XDCAM, P2 MXF files etc.

Therefore in order to play or edit XDCAM MXF files to AVI, you need a MXF Video Converter which can convert XDCAM MXF files to AVI. Therefore you need MXF Converter which can help you to convert XDCAM MXF files to AVI format. With the help of this converter you can easily convert MXF video to any other file like AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV etc. This is very easy to use and it does not require any technical knowledge to use and any one can use it. It offers the best video converting solutions for the users of Sony XDCAM, Canon XF camcorder, Panasonic DVCPRO etc. In fact this video converter is used for editing various editing programs like Avid Media composer, Adobe Premiere and many more. Its simple user interface makes one able to play video file on Android phones or tablets, iPad and some other media player devices. Even you can edit after the conversion process on any professional video editor.
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Steps to convert XDCAM MXF to AVI

Step 1: Execute MXF Video Converter Tool
Download and install this MXF Video Converter and then press on quick launch button to start this application.

Step 2: Add MXF video file to application
After this hit on “Add” button to add XDCAM MXF video file to this application.
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Step 3: Select the output format
Select the video file format as output in which you want your video file to be converted like AVI, MPEG, mp4, wmv, mov etc.
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Step 4: Set the output setting
Now set the output video setting such as video contrast, brightness, color, saturation etc.

Step 5: Edit the output video
You have the option to edit the video with cut, crop, watermarks etc.

Step 6: Begin the Conversion
At last hit on conversion button to begin the conversion process.
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