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Now, more and more people are eager to know how to import 4K videos into some popular editing sofrware, some questions are as below:

Q: I have a few 4K RAW videos in .mxf format. I’d like to edit the 4K files in Final Cut Pro for my speech next week, but to my headache, when I import them into FCP X, there is something wrong with it, it prompts me wrong codec. What can I do, help!

Q: Hi, guys! Who can help me in editing my 4K files in Windows Movie Maker and Premiere Elements, Last week, I use Panasonic HC-X1000 shoot some wonderful 4K footage on my friend’s wedding, now I want to import them into these editing program for some editing so that I can share them with my friends on Youtube and Facebook. However, it’s not simple as I imagine, I can’t directly edit 4K videos. As I know, currently, Windows Movie Maker and Premiere Elements doesn’t support 4K video at all, so how to convert 4K to editable format?

We have been familiar with 1080p resolution from quite some years now. Now in recently years, 4K video, the much higher quality video, is mainly used in digital cinema with 4096×2160 as its pixel resolution or Ultra HD television with 3840× 2160 as its resolution, has been delivered into people’s homes at an increasing pace. 4K video will show you the pictures with wonderful sharpness and clarity, bright colors, combined with super real sound, you will enter a whole new realm of experience you have never had.

However there are not many devices that support 4k and rather limited options to play these videos in a 4k video player. If you want to edit your 4K videos in some NLE programs, you may feel disappointed, because the editing software now doesn’t support 4K video editing. So there is no doubt that the recordings from 4K cameras or camcorders can not be recognized by Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, etc. easily. How can edit 4K in NLE? In fact, it is also simple, you just need a 4K Video Converter to help you convert 4K footage to a format you want. Here, With 4K MXF Video Converter, you can convert 4K MXF/MP4/MOV and your downloaded MKV, AVI, WMV even H.265 movies to any format for playing editing and sharing. Besides, this 4K Video Converter not only can meet you format needs, but also can allow you to edit the 4K video such as crop, trim, merge, watermark, effects, and more. Read the detailed conversion steps as followed, then you would find it piece of cake to convert 4K MXF MP4 MOV video on Mac and Windows for editing.
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How to convert 4K MXF, MP4 and MOV to editable video formats for NLE?

Step1: Load the 4K footage to the 4K MXF Video Converter. Open the HD MXF video converter, then click “Add files” to load the 4K files, or you can drag the files into converter directly.
import mxf
Step 2: Choose the best 4K output format for NLE. Click the “Format” option and choose the best video format as exported format.
For editing in FCP X/7/6 users, you can choose Final Cut Pro >Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov) as output format. For editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, you can choose MOV (AVC)(*.mov) under “Editing Software” category. For editing in iMovie and Final Cut Express: You can choose Apple InterMediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov) as the output format.
Tip: If you plan to get 3D video for playing on 3D media player. Just click “Edit” icon then add 3d effects onto the loaded MXF, MOV or MP4 videos.
mxf to adobe premiere
Step 3: Start converting 4K video. Click the “Convert” button to start the conversion from 4K video to NLE starts immediately.
Tip: How to get top movie viewing experience?

For video enthusiasts, a beloved movie by no means will be forgot after the first watching. Perhaps you would watch for 2-3 times during the film release. When the Blu-ray Disc release, you will buy a disc or through other means to review wonderful story at home. Enjoying movies at home, maybe you’re using a 5-60-inch flat-panel TVs, Perhaps there will be a more professional level, 720P, 1080P projector. However if you have very stringent requirements on image quality, the viewing equipment must offer a 4k projectors, even the cinema is not widespread popularization 4k ultra HD projectors, so Its fever of self-evident. A set of top-level audio and video equipment is by no means only reflected in the projector, you also need to surround sound, perfect interior shading, even a small signal can’t become a bottleneck, especially those 4K projection, 4K TV monitor such ultra-high resolution display terminal, tens of million of fever-display terminal can not due to the short board to affect the quality of signal lines.

4K MXF Video Converter Reviews:
1. I love HD MXF Video Converter, because I can extract the dialogue and soundtracks from my favorite movies and reuse them in H.264 MP4 anywhere! This software let me enjoy my downloaded 4K movies easily. – Sue Hensal

2. I’d been wanting to add subtitles to my recorded 4K XAVC S MP4 for a long time and give copies to my grandpa. This little tool let me convert, play and insert subtitles into the 4K footage. Awesome. – Al Barrett
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