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About Sony, Panasonic, Canon MXF Files – Best Tips, Solution, FAQ

Q1. How to bring and import Avid DNxHD .mxf files into After Effects?
You can’t direct bring Avid DNxHD .mxf into After Effects, but you need to export them from Avid based on your statement:
1. Drag the mxf files into the Avid
2.You need to export out of Avid as DNxHD Quicktime mov files.
3. Bring those into AE (after you download and install the Avid codecs) and work with them.
Another way: Download and install AVID MXF Converter to convert the avid DNxHD .mxf to after effects mov.

Q2. Problem about import MXF Files from Hard Drive into Final Cut Pro X ?
As we know, the FCP X Log and Transfer is missing, so import the mxf files into FCP X is diffect. To get those MXF files work normally in FCP X, the best solution here is to encode MXF to something that FCP can read easily and keep the high quailty. You can convert MXF to QuickTime MOV and the best choice is to convert MXF to ProRes 422 MOV format. Read this article you can find the detail step:
Encode/Import MXF files into Final Cut Pro 7/X for editing with no quality loss on Mac

Q3. Directly and Drop / no rendering import .mxf videos in Final Cut Express 4?
The MXF files are not so well-suited when editing with FCE 4. Final Cut Express not allows native transferring of the *.mxf clips or directly editing them. So want to directly import .mxf videos in FCE 4, you have to convert MXF to FCE natively supported video, e.g. MOV video with Apple Intermediate Codec. Because this AIC codec is best supported by FCE with no rendering.
How to Import/Ingest MXF, P2 MXF to Final Cut Express 4 ?

Q4. Error about get dark video no picture when play .mxf video files into Media Player
MXF files cannot be accepted by Windows Media Player and Mac QuickTime naturally. If you wanna play MXF files, there are a basic way to make it. Find an media player that can supports playing .mxf files as well as be compatible with the Mac or Windows OS. VLC is the best choose.
VLC player is a free and open source media player developed by the Video Lan project. It is a very useful and powerful tool for viewing almost any media formats on multiple computer platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. Just free Download VLC media player now and play MXF files on VLC with ease.
But here, sometimes VLC cannot play some .mxf files directly, the method is to try an MXF Converter to convert MXF files to AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MP4, etc. for playing freely.

Q5. How to convert MXF files to ProRes for Final Cut Pro 7 without rendering ?
To get those MXF files work normally in FCP X without rendering time, the best solution is choose this MXF Converter for Mac, and select “Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRess 422 (*.mov)”. Because Apple ProRes codec is best supported by Final Cut Pro on Mac. The detail step you can read this article :
Convert/Import MXF to ProRes MOV and editing for Final Cut Pro 7

Q6. How to make a DVD of .mxf files on Win/ Mac?
Make DVD software: iDVD (MAC) , DVD Maker (Windows)
But sometimes iDVD can’t be compatible with .mxf files naturally according to the spec of iDVD. You need choose a MXF to iDVD Converter to convert MXF video to iDVD compatible formats (such as Quicktime movies, any formats from iMovie) before burn MXF video to a DVD with iDVD.

Q7. How to wrap mxf files and export mxf files ?
With the MXF Wrapper, maybe the Avid is the best choose, Avid can warp mxf files and export mxf files. But sometimes Avid MXF files has appeared problem with quality loss and dropped frames. If you don’t mind the bugs, Avid is a good choice for wrap .mxf and export.
(The Avid MXF AMA Plug-ins Download Link:
If you mind, you can choose a converter (can keep the native quailty), but can’t export mxf files.
The detail step for a mxf conversion-wrapper :MXF Wrapper – How to put/import MXF Files into Final Cut Pro 7/X?

Q8. Porblem about iMovie not recognise .mxf files and how to edit mxf on iMovie.
You may have the need to import MXF to iMovie for editing, but the iMovie doesn’t support MXF files directly. MXF is not designed to handle professional camera codecs, iMovie not recognise .mxf files. How to import MXF to iMovie for editing? The best way is to convert MXF to iMovie supported video format, iMovie best supported video format is Apple InterMediate Codec MOV format. You can convert recorded mxf to AIC MOV for iMovie easily.
The detail step of solution about iMovie not recognise .mxf files problem and import the convertsion mxf fiels to iMovie for editing :
Fix problem about iMovie not recognise .mxf files

Q9. Log & Transfer doesn’t read specific .mxf files.
When you want to log and transfer the .mxf files into the FCP, the .MXF files are gray out not allowing to select it. And with this porblem I have two suggestions:
1. Choose a MXF Video Converter for Mac which can work reasonably and doesn’t degrade the quailty. ( as far as I can tell, but I’m converting to ProRes 422)
2. Forget about final cut pro and get Adobe Premiere CS 5 or 5.5, which natively ingests MXF files. Frankly I don’t understand Apple’s not including a codec to handle the MXF wrapper, but that’s the way it is, and Panasonic/Canon doesn’t have a converter either, or rather, they have one for the previous edition of FCP, but not this one.

Q10. Question about convert mxf on Mac/ Win ?
Mxf format is a good to maintain the high quality of the high-definition video., but this format is not compatible with editing software and other portable devices.
In short, the program is an easy-to-use and intuitive Mac tool for camcorder users. It is good at converting MXF recordings shot by Panasonic P2 camcorders, Canon XF series cameras, Sony XDCAM to formats compatible with your video editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro (X), Final Cut Express, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, and more.

Q11. Fix problem with Audio to video not synchronization.
The problem can be fixed by setting a simply audio delay. Basically, if you find that an event on screen happens about a second before you see it, then you can edit the mxf file to add a 1 second delay to the audio starting so that it will be in sync then. The problem can also be fixed without modifying the MXFfile by using a delay setting in Media Player Classic. (Download Media Player Classic. )

Q12. Renaming .mxf files to edit.
Renaming mxf files to edit is impossible, MXF is a independent file format for the exchange of programme material between servers, tape streamers and to digital archives. It’s contents may be a complete programme as well as complete packages or sequences. There are basic facilities available for cuts between sequences and audio crossfades. MXF bundles together video, audio, and programme data, such as text – together termed essence – along with metadata and places them into a wrapper. It holds a sequence of video frames, each complete with associated audio, and data essence, plus frame-based metadata. It is not a good editing format And renaming .mxf files and then import editing software such as FCP, it can not read this renaming files. So renaming .mxf to edit is a wrong way for editing mxf files. The best way is to convert mxf. You can read Q10 about the detail step for convert mxf on windows and mac for editing.

Q13.2015 Best 3 MXF Converter for Mac Review, FAQ.
The MXF container is not so widely accepted as MP4, QuickTime MOV, and M4V format. Neither does QuickTime plays MXF format nor does iTunes stream MXF files. Professional editing software like Final Cut Pro and Avid support a range of MXF footage (but not all of them), while iMovie won’t let your import MXF to at all. That’s where MXF Converter comes in (learn how to convert MXF files on Mac).

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