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2016 Review of Best Mac MXF Converter for Converting Sony/Canon/Panasonic MXF Files El Capitan

MXF is a container format for professional digital video and audio media defined by a set of SMPTE standards. The data-recording camera systems which produces MXF including Sony’s XDCAM, Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2 and Canon XF. Since MXF is a container format, it may supports a number of different streams encoded in any of a variety of video and audio compression formats, therefore, it is often a hassle for media players or video editing applications(Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Express, Adobe Premiere, and Avid Media Composer) on Mac computer to properly and efficiently decode the files for further playing or editing.
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Mac MXF Converter Review
To simplify the playing and editing work of MXF files on Mac, we have listed 5 best MXF Converter for Mac OS X users to for to make a ideal choice.
Top 1: Godasoft MXF Converter for Mac
A professional MXF Video Converter for Mac that is proficient in converting MXF video files generated from Canon XF/Sony XDCAM/Sony XAVC/Panasonic P2/Ikegami GFCAM/Avid Media Composer MXF files to various different file formats to playback on Mac with QuickTime or transferring to smartphones, tablets, media player, game consoles and TV.

The most important function of this program is its great ability to output optimized professional and native editing codec for pro-level video editing programs, you can output MXF to AIC(Apple Intermediate Codec for iMovie or FCE), Apple Prores codec for FCP or FCP X, Avid DNxHD codec for Avid Media Composer and also other optimized editing codec such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas.
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Top 2: Calibrated{Q} MXF Import
This MXF Converter can operate on the Mac OS X without problem, and it can help you trans-code your MXF files into editable format to your FCP, Adobe Premiere. Some users want to rewrap their converted videos into original MXF files, this app can help you do that. QT Player 7 and Cat TV those two can be made acceptable to the MXF files. You can get the free version before November 13,2014. If you want to update it then the extract fee has to be paid.

Top 3: MXF4Mac Player
It is a free download that can open most MXF variations including XDCAM HD, AVC-Intra, DNxHD, DVC-Pro HD, etc. It has control of 8 tracks of audio, the framerate, Movie Time, Source Package Timecode, Frame Number and Data Rate.
Key functions of MXF4Mac Player:
JKL playback control
Full screen playback mode
Multiple timecode tracks for MXF
Timecode, movie time and frame count modes
One click Solo and Mute operations for up to 8 individual audio channels
P2 and Avid playback
Standalone player – no additional MXF4mac component necessary

For Mac users, you can now make a better choice to convert your MXF files to better playing and editing.

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